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Design your meetings with smart decision notes

Turn your meetings into decision engine with smarter notes

MemTalk helps companies to create effective decision making system combining human intelligence with algorithmic decision making. Then, we make sure that all action items and decisions are documented and tracked properly in a dashboard. 


Reduce time spent in the meetings

No need to schedule multiple meetings to discuss the same topic with your team. With the automatically extracted takeaways and sharing, the team will be aligned on the decisions that were made and due dates of the deliverables.


Turn your notes into action items

MemTalk seamlessly integrates with your calendar making sure that your team members are reminded about the action items assigned to them and will never come to the next meeting unprepared.


Shared history of decisions

You have complete view on how your meetings proceed and how quickly decisions are made for each topic. MemTalk tracks and documents all your meetings in one place accessible to anyone in the team.

Join MemTalk Pilot Program

Be the first to try MemTalk AI with your team. You wonder what is your benefit if you join the pilot? Well, you will be among the first companies to try the technology that is going to revolutionize how people think about and carry the meetings in their organisations. Still hesitating to subscribe? Once the app is live, you will have access to its core features for free!